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SA Sheds 69 000 Jobs In Second Quarter Of 2018

South Africa's troubled economy continues to bleed jobs, with the battered manufacturing sector letting go of 13 000 workers in the second quarter of the...

Gold Producers Offer Single-Digit Pay Hikes to Unions

South African gold producers said they had offered annual wage increases of up to 6.5% to miners and up to 4.5% for skilled workers,...
Maggie Rheault

Africa: Mindset Reset Required

A conversation with Magali Rheault Gallup's Regional Director for the World Poll in French-speaking AfricaWhat do you see as the No. 1 problem facing women...
global population

Global Population Cries Foul Over High Rates Of Unemployment

Gallup's Good Jobs employment rate -- the percentage of the total adult global population who work at least 30 hours per week for an...
jobs in africa

10 Most Sought After Jobs in Africa

Africa is set to steer the new economic order in 15 years’ time, according to a report by Bloomberg, as it constitutes some major...

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