1Could this Be a Breakthrough in Malaria Fight

Three African countries will soon start rolling out the world’s first malaria vaccine. Last year, more than 200 million people around the world were affected by the disease. Continue Reading

2Vincent Bolloré Is Being Probed for Bribing Public Officials in Africa

French prosecutors are looking to determine whether the advertising agency Havas, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, offered discounted communications services to Guinea’s president Alpha Condé and Togo’s president Faure Gnassingbé during the elections in exchange for lucrative licences to operate ports in both countries. Continue Reading

3The Biggest Survey of the Gorilla Population has Good News

A decade-long survey in western equatorial Africa involved almost 9,000km of foot patrols and used the nests that gorillas make every night to assess the population. The scientists covered the entire range of the western lowland gorilla, which accounts for 99% of all living gorillas, now thought to number around 360,000 animals. Continue Reading

4The Modern Day Egyptian King

Few superlatives have been left unused this season in describing the phenomenal Mo Salah, the mesmerizing forward Liverpool has produced one regal performance after another since his summer arrival at the English Premier League side. Continue Reading

5Lessons from Cape Town’s Day Zero

The crisis has left a lasting mark on the coastal city and Cape Town officials are touting the experience as a valuable lesson in water management that could help other water-scarce cities in the future. Continue Reading

6Is Zambia’s Political Crisis Falling on Deaf Ears?

Opposition leacer Hichilema says that international community representatives sympathise with Zambia’s problems but tell him that the situation is not as serious as elsewhere. But he argues that, if left unchecked, Zambia will turn into “another Zimbabwe”, or another Democratic Republic of the Congo. Continue Reading

7Tomorrow’s Smart Cities Will Need Equally Smart Utilities

Today’s hyperconnected consumer expects a reduced environmental footprint while still enjoying seamless services and ease of use, improving their quality of life through fully digitised processes that give them complete control over every aspect of their lives. Continue Reading

8Are These the Bones of the King of Nubia?

Archaeologists in Sudan have reopened an ancient pyramid and extracted bones and artefacts, in order to carry out further examination including DNA tests. Continue Reading

9Africa Could Produce the First Super Chicken

Researchers in Ethiopia are embarking on a quest to create the perfect chicken for African farmers. A Belgian conceptual artist who has spent 20 years crossbreeding indigenous chickens, from China and Egypt to Senegal and Cuba is working with the scientists. Continue Reading

10These Bikers Ride for a Great Cause

The FBI, Female Bikers Initiative, is a group of Nigerian women taking health awareness across their country, on their motorbikes. Continue Reading