Africa Top10 Business News

Kenya Hosts the First-ever TEDx Event in a Refugee Camp

BUSINESS NEWSTEDxKakumaCamp on June 9 will bring together current and former refugees besides other speakers and performers to share stories of perseverance and creativity. The theme of the event—“thrive”—is also about showcasing how refugees can help change not only their lives but the communities and countries in which they live. Read More

East African Countries have become the Investment Haven in AfricaBUSINESS NEWS

Both of Africa’s largest economies have experienced growth at below 2%, hit hard by fall in global commodity prices in 2016. While East African countries’ led by Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda have been enjoying growth rates not less than 5% since then. Read More

Facebook’s Likes Will Still Grow In Africa, Despite Scandal

business newsOne in seven Africans use Facebook. That number is likely to increase irrespective of whether Facebook spies on them or not. Read More

Forbes Africa Says its Under 30 List is the Most Definitive Yet

business newsInspired by the growing number of young men and women entrepreneurs, Forbes Africa has expanded it to bring you 30 game-changers, all under the age of 30, in each the three sectors – business, technology and creative. Read More

Zimbabwe Opposition Party’s Economic Plans

The MDC Alliance, led by Nelson Chamisa, says if elected he can turn the nearly-comatose economy into a $100bn one by 2029 if hurdles to business and agriculture are removed. Read More

South African Airways Still amongst the Best in the World

business newsThe beleaguered airline took the fifth slot in this year’s 2018 AirHelp Score report, a company that help air passengers around the world secure compensation in cases of delays or cancellations. Read More

There’s Something Unique about Apps on USSD for the African Market

business newsCountless industries could benefit from USSD and the continent is already seeing massive uptake in industries such as banking, micro-finance and insurance. Read More

Driving Africa’s Next Big Economic Hope

business newsUAE-based DP World is redeveloping Berbera Port on the Horn of Africa to accommodate modern supertankers, a development that could open northern Somalia — or Somaliland — to the large markets of neighboring Ethiopia and Kenya. Read More

The Impact of Tariff Wars on Africa

business newsAn economist weighs in as the world is lurching ever closer to a full-blown trade war as the U.S., Europe, Canada, China and Mexico talk tariffs and retaliation. Read More

Ethiopia’s Coffee Fields Are Moving

business newsThe average temperature has climbed 1.3 degrees Celsius over the past three decades, which has caused stronger drought and – given that coffee is a crop sensitive to both moisture and temperature – a worsening of diseases that afflict coffee berries. Read More