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Ethiopian Airlines

Let your Career Soar with Africa’s Biggest Airline

Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is collaborating with the European Union to establish a graduate business program in the hopes of improving applicants’ understanding of business environments, management, and industrialization. The program will be hosted under the airline’s Aviation Academy, a six-decade-old training center that currently provides instruction in pilot and cabin crew training, maintenance services, and leadership courses.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

Kenyans Feel the Pinch of New Tax Levies

Kenyan high taxes

The increased price of fuel has hit consumers, with average fares rising by $0.20 per journey. The price of goods, especially wheat and maize, have followed suit, with transportation costs passed on to consumers. Other measures in the Finance Act are also set to hit the average citizen.

SOURCES: African Business Magazine

Why Rwanda has become Africa’s Poster Child for Progress

Lebawi Academy

During her November 2018 visit to Rwanda, World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva described the country as one that has enjoyed impressive growth and often has bold ambitions. In recent years, at business summits across the world, it’s not uncommon to hear such praise about Rwanda. Various speakers have singled it out as one of the emerging economies to look out for in terms of investment opportunities, value for money and economic growth.

SOURCES: Forbes Africa

African Leadership School

Lebawi Academy

What does it take to become a great leader? Lebawi Academy shows that the journey of being a great leader starts from your foundation and by providing building blocks to young Africans; the school is at the forefront of mentoring Africa’s next generation of leaders.


Once the Pride of Africa’s Power Generation Reduced to Decay



Business and households were given a pre-Christmas shock with a frank disclosure of the ruin of Africa’s biggest power generator amid claims of sabotage, corruption and decay where those who try to fix it are swept aside or forced out of their jobs. The only crumb of comfort is that the government promises to shake up South Africa’s power generator Eskom and has cancelled their Christmas holidays for its senior executives so they can tour the ageing power stations of the country to find out what is wrong.


Competition for Bus-booking Services Heats Up across Cairo

Uber Bus

Uber is expanding its imprint on public transportation—this time with the establishment of a bus service. The ride-hailing giant launched Uber Bus in Egypt, the first country to roll out the service globally. The platform allows passengers to request for buses through the app, after which they are matched with other riders on the most suitable route.

SOURCES: Business Insider

The Economics of Somalia’s Warring Militants

Economics of Somalia

Somali business owners and analysts say that rival Islamist groups are targeting companies to an unprecedented degree with demands for so-called taxes. Al-Shabab has already strong-armed business owners for years to finance its war against the Somali government and African peacekeepers who protect it. Now, al-Shabab is stepping up its demands, and pro-IS groups are apparently trying to fund its own activities by copying Shabab’s tactics of pay up-or-pay the consequences.


Securing Long-term Cobalt Supply from DR Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo —the world’s largest producer of cobalt—has slammed a three-fold increase on royalties paid for the mineral. A government decree has declared cobalt, coltan and germanium—all used in producing smartphones—as “strategic” mineral resources prompting the royalty increase, despite opposition from leading cobalt mining companies who claim the tax hike will deter further investment.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

Kenya’s raises its Green Energy Stock

geothermal plant in Olkaria

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN) has launched the construction of an 83 MegaWatts geothermal plant in Olkaria, Naivasha. The proposed plant is expected to increase the country’s geothermal power output on its completion in 2021. Kenya is currently the largest producer of geothermal energy in Africa. As at the end of June 2016, 55 percent of Kenyans were connected to the country’s national grid.

SOURCES: Ventures Africa

Joining an Exclusive Club of African Nations with their Own National Satellites

Ethiopia’s first satellite

Ethiopia’s first satellite, due to be launched in September with China’s help and backing, is being put in place in part to track environmental concerns, said the head of the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI).

SOURCES: Reuters