Africa Top10 Business News

1Where do Africa’s Largest Economies Stand on Migration?

Africa's Largest Economies

Anti-immigrant rhetoric from the US and Europe has grown increasingly vocal in recent years. But, as it turns out, a majority of people in some of Africa’s largest economies do not want more immigrants either. A recent Pew Research Center survey of 27 nations shows the four African countries featured—Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Tunisia—have high levels of opposition to more migration.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

2Africa’s Airline Industry on the Decline

Africa’s Airline Industry

Africa is expected to retain its position as the weakest airline region in the world in 2019, as it has been over the past four years. These forecasts were made by the International Air Transport Association. One exception to this story has been Ethiopian Airlines, the state owned carrier. Its net profit in the 2017/18 financial year rose almost 2 per cent to $233 million.


3The Man behind the Ghana Robotic Academy Foundation

Ghana Robotic Academy

As a young boy, Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu was fascinated by the planes that flew in and out of the airport. But his dreams were not to be a pilot; his imagination was more unique than that. Many years after, the young dreamer is now a lead engineer on InSight – NASA’s spacecraft which recently landed on Mars. He is in charge of the mission’s robotic arm mechanism.


4Cameroon’s Separatists Mean Business

Cameroon’s Separatists

Increasingly determined and bold separatists seeking the international recognition of the self-proclaimed “Federal Republic of Ambazonia” (Southern Cameroons) have created a crypto-currency which they claim is the first to be fully nation-backed. Known as AmbaCoin, 20,082 of the Ambazonian crypto bond had already been bought, out of 100,000,000 on pre-sale as of Nov. 10.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

5Yabacon Valley Sees Techpreneurs Strive Despite Challenges

Yabacon Valley

Any entrepreneur in Nigeria faces high operating costs brought on by the country’s unstable power supply, shaky internet and a fluctuating currency. Undaunted, Nigeria’s tech startups have proliferated; kick-starting a young but thriving tech scene. But the ecosystem needed to support these new ventures has yet to mature, say investors and entrepreneurs, in addition to the physical infrastructure challenges. At stake is the opportunity to build the next “unicorn” (a startup valued at $1 billion) in a country that in just over three decades is projected to surpass the U.S. in terms of population, reaching 400 million people by 2050.


6Getting a Piece of the Eskom Pie


The supplier of almost all South Africa’s power is allegedly in advanced talks to sell its home-loans business, with local billionaire Patrice Motsepe’s African Rainbow Capital Investments Ltd. in line to take some or all of the operation. The division, called Eskom Finance Corp., has an 8.7 billion-rand ($613 million) loan book and about 16,000 customers.

SOURCES: Bloomberg

7Kenyan Currency Gets Facelift

Kenyas New Currency

Kenya has dropped the images of presidents from newly minted cash coins, in what is seen as an attempt to prevent their glorification. Previous coins bore the images of Kenya’s three ex-rulers: Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki. President Uhuru Kenyatta – the son of Kenya’s first leader Jomo Kenyatta – said the new coins were a “big change” and showed “our nation has come a long way”.


8How Rooibos is on the Rise in South Africa

Rooibos in SA

The plant is exclusively farmed in the Cederberg and Sandveld areas of the Western Cape of South Africa is fast becoming one of the most attractive agricultural products to invest in. The Rooibos industry currently employs an estimated 8 000 farmworkers and additional employment is created in upstream activities, such as processing, packaging and retailing.


9Egypt’s Pledge to New Businesses

Egypt’s Economy

The first comprehensive documentation of the challenges facing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt has been launched and made available online. It is called “The Startup manifesto.” The initiative spearheaded by RiseUp, is an annual summit tackles the most pressing issues affecting entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt; from access to data, access to funding, talent brain drain out of Egypt, investment opportunities and policies and regulatory requirements.

SOURCES: Ventures Africa

10The Bustling Market in Togoville


Every Saturday on the northern shore of Lake Togo, community members run a lively traditional barter market. No money changes hands at the small public square, where traders, fisherfolk and farmers from surrounding villages flock to trade their produce. At “Togossime” — “Togo market” in the local Ewe language — all sorts of goods are swapped but grains, chickens, fish and other seafood are the most popular.