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16 Nigerian Creatives Fueling Afromodernism

6 Nigerian Creatives

Meet 6 Nigerian creatives who show a special talent for tapping a rich cultural history and transforming it into modern African style.

SOURCES: Coveteur

2Meet the Sierra Leonean Filmmaker Introducing Australian Audiences to Fresh African Perspectives

Hawanatu Bangura

Hawanatu Bangura is passionate about telling stories and she’s determined to make films that showcase the often unheard voices of minority cultures.

SOURCES: Okayafrica

3The Heart of African Art at the Joburg Art Fair

Joburg Art Fair

With growing worldwide interest in African art, the Joburg Art Fair has made it its mission to be a showcase for the best in African art, and this year’s fair delivers an amazing array of works from all over the continent.

SOURCES: Financial Mail

4‘Five Fingers for Marseilles’: How a Couple of South African Filmmakers Recreated the Western

Five Fingers for Marseilles

Set in South Africa, the film ‘Five Fingers for Marseilles’ uses the western genre as a starting point, but transforms it into something altogether unique and distinctly African.

SOURCES: Indie Wire

5Meet the Swedish-Eritrean Stylist with Futuristic Style

Ellen Elias

Ellen Elias cites her Eritrean heritage as a major influence in her detailed approach to fashion styling and is on a mission to broaden understanding about the incredible diversity of African fashion.


6A Luxurious Escape to Egypt

Escape to Egypt 

On a small peninsula looking out over the pristine waters of the Red Sea is the exclusive Egyptian resort of Soma Bay. Featuring some of the best diving in the region, an 18-hole championship golf course, premium spas and seawater therapy centres, it’s gaining a reputation as a truly luxurious holiday destination.


7Discover the Best of Joburg in one street

Best of Joburg

This 12,4-kilometre-long street stretches across 14 suburbs, from Randburg in the north to just before Nelson Mandela Bridge in the CBD. Jan Smuts Avenue has it all – from hip art galleries to eateries and watering holes with the finest views in town.

SOURCES: Getaway

8Go Beyond the Beach in Mauritius

Beach in Mauritius

From pyramids to lush hiking trails, here are some unusual Mauritius experiences to add to your itinerary.


9Things To Do On Africa’s Largest Island

Africa’s Largest Island

While getting to Madagascar isn’t easy or cheap, once you’re there, there are months worth of activities to do and places to go: Incredible wildlife, nature, culture, and history awaits you.


10Watch the World Unfold Around you on the Tazara Railway

Tazara Railway

On a continent where taking things slowly is compulsory, it won’t come as much of a surprise that the 46-hour journey along the 1160-mile (1860km) route from Tanzania’s port city to New Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia often ends up taking far longer.

SOURCES: Lonely Planet