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Choreographer Sherrie Silver

How Choreographer Sherrie Silver Made a Masterpiece Out of Donald Glover’s ‘This is America’
Rwandan-British choreographer, Sherrie Silver, talks about her experience collaborating on Donald Glover’s viral video and explains the African dance moves that inspired the work. Read More

Gus Casely-Hayford

The New Director of Smithsonian’s African Art Museum on the Importance of Preserving Our History Through Art 
Gus Casely-Hayford, producer of the BBC series The Lost Kingdoms of Africa, now heads the Smithsonian’s Museum of African Art where he champions the importance of African art as a vital record of the continent’s rich cultures and often untold history. Read More

Andy Mkosi

Get to Know Andy Mkosi, the Queer Rapper Taking Charge of Her Own Story 
Although she claims to create the sort of rap your grandma would like, South African musical artist, Andy Mkosi, is anything but conventional. Learn about the way she uses her music and photography to showcase her unique identity. Read More

African Propaganda

The Nigerian Label Using Fashion as ‘African Propaganda’ 
Meet Nigerian fashion designer, Wekaforé Jibril, and learn how he uses his designs to create a more accurate representation of African culture. Read More

Contemporary African Art

Global Contemporary African Art Comes to Rural Portugal – Despite Growing Visa Issues for Artists Traveling to Europe 
The Portuguese countryside wouldn’t ordinarily be a place one would expect to find a treasure trove of African contemporary art, but thanks to an ambitious curator and some deft political maneuvering, the Alentejo is hosting some of the continent’s finest works. Read More

Libassa Ecolodge

Libassa Ecolodge is Not an Area you Typically Associate with Enviro-tourism
At the end of a long sandy road lies an unexpected Liberian paradise, where the fauna and flora are considered equal to humans. Framed by palm trees, mangrove forest and sedative views, it’s an intimate equatorial oasis. Read More

Adventure In Diani

Fun and Adventure In Diani
In East Africa, the only place you can skydive is Diani Beach.  It is rush and adrenaline of falling towards earth reaching terminal velocity at approximately 200km/h. Read More

Algerian City

An Algerian City Growing into a Desirable Tourist Destination
Dubbed as a “Little Paris,” Oran is a beautiful Algerian city with rich history, colonial buildings, and archaeological finds. From exploring ancient Ottoman ruins to admiring French Baroque architecture, here are a dozen things to do in Oran, Algeria. Read More

African Adventure

An African Adventure Inspired by the Movies
Tread in the pawprints and hoofprints of Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo. Madagascar takes the main attractions of New York City’s Central Zoo and transplants them to the island of Madagascar off the east coast of Africa. Read More

Gem in Malawi

A Gem in Malawi
Travelers who are keen for some peace and privacy would definitely love Mumbo Island – a pristine and deserted tropical island floating on the expansive waters of the Lake Malawi National Park. Read More