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Ethiopia’s Housing Allocation

1. Ethiopia’s Housing Allocation Causes Ire

Thousands of people in Ethiopia’s Oromia region took to the streets in major towns to protest the manner in which the Addis Ababa city administration allotted condominium buildings. Reports indicate that over a dozen locations across Oromia – the largest and most populous region – were hit by the protests. Among other places Jimma, Ambo, Awaday, Bale and Adama were all affected by the action. The deputy mayor said farmers who were displaced from the sites were included in the transfer without lottery. The issue of uprooting local farmers to make way for the housing project has long been a divisive issue. The project which dates back to 2016 forms part of plans to deal with rapid population growth and an acute shortage of affordable housing. Authorities in Addis Ababa and in smaller cities across the country have been building condominium units targeting low and middle-income groups, financed entirely with public money.