Africa Top10 News

1The Announcement that Zimbabwe’s Opposition Didn’t Take Well

Zimbabwe’s Opposition

Results show that the ruling party has received majority of the seats in parliament. Although the presidential results have not been announced, the news sent supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change to the capital to protest. Clashes with the police ensued for at least one person being fatally wounded. Raising concerns about the use of live ammunition.


2Namibia Tribes Want Germany to Pay Up

Namibia Tribes

A court in the United States has heard the first oral argumentation between representatives of the Herero and Nama people and representatives of the German government, in a case concerning damages for what has been termed the first genocide of the 20th century. The genocide, which Germany has acknowledged, took place from roughly 1904 to 1908, when Namibia was a German colony known as German South-West Africa, after the Herero and Nama groups rebelled against German rule.

SOURCES: Al JazeeraReuters

3Inside Obama’s Fellowship Programme for Young Africans

Obama’s Fellowship Programme

Being one of the 200 young people chosen to spend a week in July at the African Leadership Academy, a specialized pan-African high school in Johannesburg, was a bucketlist moment. The youths received business advice from Africa’s richest man, spoke politics with Africa’s first female president and got to hang out with the director of Black Panther. Started in 2014, the program selects young Africans to spend six weeks at American institutions, culminating in a summit in Washington D.C. This year, 3700 young people from sub-Saharan Africa would have participated in the program.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

4Where Did All the Penguins Go?


A new study has found that a once large population of King Penguins that lived in an archipelago between South Africa and Antarctica has lost 90 percent of its population. Researchers hadn’t visited the remote island in 30 years when there were 500,000 breeding pairs. Satellite images now indicate perhaps as few as 60,000 pairs. Scientists have not yet identified why the population of king penguins has shrunk so dramatically.

SOURCES: New York TimesThe Independent

5A Leading Voice for Young People in Africa

Aya Chebbi

Growing up in a conservative family in Tunisia, Aya Chebbi was first noticed because of her political blogs during protests that eventually led to the ousting of Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011. But her campaigning on women’s rights issues such as early and forced marriage has not been welcomed everywhere, and she is blacklisted by Egypt.

SOURCES: The Guardian 

6Kenya’s Underdog Meat Makes a Major Comeback

Kenya's Rabbit Meat

Just a decade ago, no restaurant in Kenya had rabbit meat on its menu. But a rising demand for meat, decreasing sizes of land holdings for farmers, climate change and oddly enough lifestyle trends that are against red meat have sparked a Kenyan dietary shift testing decades-old stereotypes.


7An Entire Liberian Township is Threatened by the Ocean

Liberian Township threat

In Liberia’s West Point alone, rising sea levels and erosion have destroyed about 800 homes and displaced more than 6,500 people since 2013, according to the Disaster Victims Association. Although government has pledged to build new homes for displaced families, most have yet to materialize.


8Cameroon Activist Talks about Being a Modern Day Slave

Cameroon Activist

It’s been a tortuous journey for Francisca Awah. Last month, the 35-year-old from Cameroon spoke in front of an audience that included Ivanka Trump and the US Secretary of State, when she was honored for her contribution to the fight against human trafficking. But just three years ago Awah was living in modern slavery, trapped and abused as a domestic worker in Kuwait.


9South African Women March against Gender Based Violence


It’s the beginning of women’s month in the country and the perfect opportunity to invoke the spirit of the thousands of women who marched against inequality decades ago. The #TotalShutdown movement aims to bring the economy to a standstill to raise awareness.


10Somali Youth Make their Own Rules

Somali Youth

A group of deaf football players in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, have set up their own league after being blocked from joining existing teams. The teams have been playing since 2010, and have been steadily gathering support. They hope to eventually be recognised by Somalia’s football federation.


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