Africa Top10 News

1Ethiopia’s Game-changer Move

Birtukan Mideksa

A former judge and leading opposition figure has been sworn in as the head of Ethiopia’s electoral board. Birtukan Mideksa is the latest significant appointment of a woman to a key public office. Ms Birtukan returned to Ethiopia earlier this month after seven years in exile in the US. She was among dozens of opposition leaders jailed after the disputed elections of 2005 that led to the deaths of hundreds of people.


2Changing French Law for the Restitution of Cultural Works to Africa

Felwine Sarr

Senegalese writer and economist Felwine Sarr as well as French historian Bénédicte Savoy have written a report commissioned by Emmanuel Macron calling for thousands of African artworks in French museums, taken without consent during the colonial period, to be returned to the continent. The authors say unless it could be proven that objects were obtained legitimately, they should be returned to Africa permanently, not on long-term loan.

SOURCES: The GuardianMail & Guardian

3What have Africa’s Former Strongmen been Up to?

Robert Mugabe

The last few years have been particularly tough for some African strongman. Mass protests, the rise of social media activism, electoral defeats and even an old-fashioned coup have seen some of Africa’s longest-serving leaders kicked out of office since the turn of the decade. So what do they do next?

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

4What UN Peacekeepers Got Up to in Africa

UN Peacekeepers

Kaine is among more than 6,000 children fathered by soldiers in a West African peacekeeping mission that came to Liberia in 1990 and left eight years later, according to a center set up to register and support them. A smaller number of children were fathered by members of a separate U.N. mission that emerged as Liberia struggled to emerge from a vicious civil war.


5Réunionese Reach Tipping Point

Reunion Island

Protests against soaring fuel prices in Reunion Island have shut down much of the country. The government cancelled all flights, closed schools and suspended public transport. Several police personnel and protesters were injured and more than 100 people have been arrested.

SOURCES: Al Jazeera

6The Biggest Strike Action in Tunisia for Five Years

Biggest Strike Tunisia

About 650,000 public sector workers went on strike and thousands joined protests across Tunisia on Thursday over the government’s refusal to raise wages amid threats from international lenders to stop financing Tunisia’s tattered economy.

SOURCES: Reuters

7These Women are Doing What they Love

CNN profiles women

From a car mechanic to a courier, CNN profiles women who are transforming their passions into online enterprises and discovering how digital tools are helping to improve gender equality in Senegal.

8Is Africa’s G5 Force ‘better’ than UN Peacekeepers?

Africa’s G5 Force

Mauritania’s president believes that the fledgling African regional force fighting jihadists in Sahel countries is more effective — with fewer resources — than a UN mission with a similar remit in Mali. The G5, whose secretariat is based in Mauritania, is a French-backed scheme conceived in 2015 to combat jihadism and lawlessness along the Sahara’s southern rim, but lack of funding and shortfalls in equipment and training have led to delays in its operations.

SOURCES: Business Day Live

9Feeding Nigeria’s Sweet Tooth

Kalabari Gecko Craft Chocolates

Princess Odiakosa of Kalabari Gecko Craft Chocolates is one of the few emerging crop of Nigerian chocolatiers who are determined to place the country on the global chocolate map. According to her, making chocolates is her tiny contribution in enhancing Nigeria’s image and advancing it from being just a consumer of chocolates to a producer.

SOURCES: Ventures Africa

10Niger’s Giraffes Move to a New Home

Niger’s Giraffes

Part of a group of a rare giraffes that has become a Niger tourist attraction is to be moved to a reserve 600km away owing to encroaching desert, farmland and increasing instances of them being struck by vehicles. The animals, known by the classification Giraffa camelopardalis peralta or more commonly the West African giraffe or Niger giraffe, has light-coloured spots and the herd in Niger is the last self-producing tower left in the world.