AfriForum Denied Leave To Appeal Apartheid Flag Hate Speech Ruling

Ernst Roets
AfriForum's Ernst Roets outside the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on 21 August 2019. Picture: Abigail Javier/EWN

The Equality Court has denied AfriForum leave to appeal a ruling declaring the gratuitous display of the apartheid flag as hate speech.

The lobby group approached the court arguing that banning the flag was a violation of freedom of speech.

The matter was brought by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Human Rights Commission last month, asking the court to stop the display of the flag.

Earlier this week, the High Court in Johannesburg ruled that AfriForum’s Ernst Roets did not break the law when he posted a picture of the apartheid flag just hours after the Equality Court had ruled that its gratuitous display amounted to hate speech.

The application was brought by the Nelson Mandela Foundation saying that Roets was in contempt of court.

But deputy CEO of AfriForum argued that the display of the old flag could still be used for artistic, journalist and academic purposes.