Afriforum Fight To Have Parly’s Land Report Reviewed Not Over

Parly's Land Report
Image EWN

AfriForum’s attempt to have Parliament’s land expropriation without compensation report blocked is not over just yet.

On Friday morning, a full bench of the Western Cape High Court dismissed AfriForum’s urgent bid to stall Parliament’s consideration of the report from its joint constitutional review committee on amending Section 25 of the Constitution.

This means the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces can proceed with their scheduled consideration of the report next week Tuesday.

A further hearing on the legality of a third-party service provider report used by the committee is still on the table and will be heard at a later date determined by the court.

Besides its attempt to stop the parliamentary process, Afriforum’s application wants the court to rule on the nearly 180,000 submissions which were rejected as duplicates.

It says these were not considered in the final report and could have had a material impact on the final report which will be debated next week.

Committee chairperson Lewis Nzimande said: “If you remember the debate we had yesterday, [it] had to do with whether there was an unlawful delegation and the duplicates on the matter of the detail of the proceedings of the committee.”

Nzimande says Parliament remains confident that they will prevail in Part B of the application which will be heard later.

“As the chairperson already indicated, we are ready for Part B, but that will be left with the legal council. But we are confident that even if it got to Part B, there is nothing that can stop us from continuing with the land reform going forward.”