Alan Winde: Increase Of Populism A Reason For Loss Of DA Support

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde.
Western Cape Premier Alan Winde.

Western Cape Premier-elect Alan Winde said the rise of populism in South African politics aided the party’s decline in electoral support. 

Winde added that some of their political opponents had campaigned on a nationalist idea.

He said he was happy with the electoral results despite a drop in support for the Democratic Alliance (DA).

But he pointed out that populism should be of concern: “Whether it’s Trump in the US or Brexit in the UK, you’re seeing it here as well. You see an emergence of nationalism or populism across all different lines whether it be racial or all sorts of lines.”

The DA’s support in the Western Cape dropped from 59% in 2014 to 55.4% in 2019.

Winde said they would do everything possible to stop the rise of populist politics.

“In that mandate for the next five years, we will look at how to start making those changes that are going to be counter to what the populist or political movement we see around the world.”

Meanwhile, new members of the Western Cape legislature will be sworn in next Tuesday.