African national congress (ANC) deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte has not ruled out the return of certain members to Parliament, despite them being viewed as individuals who could cost the party votes.

This comes as senior party members meet in Umhlanga for a second day on Saturday morning to select candidates who will represent the organisation in Parliament after the elections.

Part of the criteria that the list committee needed to follow when considering candidates is whether that member has a history of ill-discipline or corruption.

Duarte says 800 names have been put forward to go to the National Assembly, however, only 200 will be chosen and the remainder will be deployed to the provincial legislatures and National Council of Provinces.

Duarte says the main thing that would disqualify a candidate from being sent to Parliament is if they have a criminal record: “Where a person hasn’t been judged criminally, and there’s no decision by a judge finding him/her guilty or has been sentenced to a jail term. There’s very little that we do, in term of the broader perspective that might emerge around particular individuals.”

Duarte says the conference has so far seen constructive debates around who should represent the party in Parliament: “People do debate names and motivate why a certain person shouldn’t be moved lower or kept her on the list.”

The party is expected to wrap up its national list conference on Saturday in order for the ANC’s national executive to hold its ordinary meeting over the next two days.