ANC Western Cape Won’t Announce Premier Candidate Before 8 May

ANC Western Cape
Ebrahim Rasool (centre) with WC ANC secretary Faiez Jacobs (left) and ANC regional leader in Cape Town Xolani Sotashe. Picture: @Xolani Sotashe/Twitter

The Western Cape African National Congress (ANC) on Thursday said it would not announce its premier candidate before the 8 May general elections.

ANC provincial elections head Ebrahim Rasool said the party would not count its chickens before they had hatched.

Rasool spoke at a press briefing in Cape Town on the ANC’s election readiness in the province.

“That practice was stopped by the ANC in order for us to first secure the victory. We are not running on personality, but issues, and it’s working for us,” he said.

The ANC said its support in the Western Cape was edging close to 40% ahead of the elections.

Rasool said the party was confident it would take back the provincial legislature.

The ANC said its 15,000 volunteer ground force had increased the party’s presence and support in the province. It had gone from just over 20% in the 2016 local government elections to nearly 40% at present, the party said.

“With 12 days to go, I think our game plan in this election that the ANC has followed has certainly produced the kind of result in the Western Cape that we wanted to have,” Rasool said.

He said the party’s focus was on crime, education, the water crisis and the plight of farmworkers.

“We have run an issue-based campaign and in our interaction with people across the province we have been able to understand the impact on people.”

The ANC said while other parties might have posters on every streetlamp, it was focused on volunteers on the ground.

On Workers Day, next week Wednesday, the ANC Western Cape is expected to hold its final rally ahead of the elections.

On Tuesday, Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane challenged the ANC to name its candidates for premier for each of the country’s nine provinces.

“We’ve come here to the Western Cape [and] you have to ask yourself the question: who are the respective premier candidates that come from any other party? Certainly, I know none from the ANC,” he said.