Another Witness Places Rob Packham At Wife’s Murder Scene

Rob Packham in court for allegedly killing his wife.
Rob Packham in court for allegedly killing his wife.

A man who lives near the Diep River train station has placed murder accused Rob Packham close to the scene on the night his wife’s body was found in the boot of her burnt-out BMW.

The Constantia businessman is accused of killing Gill Packham in February 2018.

On Wednesday, a witness placed the accused with the deceased’s car on the day of her disappearance, while others have testified of odd interactions with Packham that day.

Diep River resident Keenan Thomas has told the court he and a friend were playing video games between 8 pm and 9 pm on the night of Thursday, 22 February 2018, when they heard his dogs barking and what sounded like someone running at the back of his house.

He opened the gate, let his dogs out and saw smoke from a car that was on fire at the train station.

Thomas has testified he went out to inspect and saw a white SUV between trees close by.

He saw the car’s lights on and the window rolled down, and he waved and shouted “hello”, hoping the driver would be able to tell him what happened.

Thomas said he was standing under a lamp post when the person in the white SUV stopped about a meter from him, with an almost aggressive, angry look on his face, and then drove off without saying a word.

The Diep River man has identified the accused as the person he saw driving the white SUV that night.

The witness had previously identified Packham during a photo identification parade.

Packham has denied he was the person seen by Thomas because he said was at his sister’s house for supper until after 9 pm that night.


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