Arms Deal Commission Failed To Do Its Job – Corruption Watch

Arms Deal Commission
The Right to Know Campaign (R2K) haD called for the scrapping of the Seriti Commission of Inquiry which iinvestigated the controversial 1999 arms deal. Picture: EWN.

PRETORIA – Corruption Watch has argued in the North Gauteng High Court that the arms deal commission failed to do its job.

The anti-corruption organisation wants the court to review and set aside the findings of the Inquiry, which was appointed by former president Jacob Zuma in 2011 to investigate alleged corruption in the multi billion rand arms procurement deal in 1999.

The court application by Corruption Watch and Right2know comes after Judge Willie Seriti, who headed the commission, exonerated politicians of wrongdoing when he released his report in 2016.

Advocate Geoff Budlender argued before a full bench of judges that the arms deal inquiry failed to carry out its constitutional functions of investigating allegations of fraud and corruption regarding the deal.

He argued that the function of the commission is fundamentally similar to that of the Public Protector, to investigate and report on allegations of impropriety.

He further argued that the inquiry failed to submit some evidence during the commission and didn’t allow some witnesses to testify.

The court heard that as a result, the inquiry failed to meet its requirements and carry out its functions.