Wed, 19 June, 2019

Feranmi Akeredolu

Feranmi Akeredolu is a contributing writer, a tech and business enthusiast. He’s all about humanity, creativity and innovation. He has researched and written on the real estate sector in Nigeria, the automotive and steel industry in South Africa and the agricultural sector in Ghana. He’s most fascinated with a philosophical mind and enjoys writing about developments in business and tech in Africa, but says he’s most joyous whenever his favourite football team is winning a trophy.
doing business in africa

Doing Business in Africa: Young, Fast Growing, and Urbanising

What exactly is the reality of doing business in Africa? Is the business environment filled with only crisis and conflicts or are there possibilities that could get even bigger with the rate of urbanisation,...
Industrialisation in Africa

Using the Internet of Things to Accelerate Industrialisation in Africa

Africa’s slow-paced journey towards inclusive growth has been as a result of self-sabotage from both leaders and followers, and an unpopular factor, data. Since accurate information serves as the basis for intelligent discussions, realistic...
personal finance apps

10 Personal Finance Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Technology has stealthily crept into every space of our lives. It’s almost impossible to live an easier life than the one that smartphones have now presented us with. From hailing a taxi to booking...

Pros & Cons of the Rapid Growth of African Cities

When I walk through my street in the evening or try to beat the traffic at dawn going to work in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, the rapid growth repeatedly spoken of in the...

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