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TEDx is an international community that organizes TED-style events anywhere and everywhere -- celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage. TEDx events are produced independently of TED conferences, each event curates speakers on their own, but based on TED's format and rules.

Learning A Language? Speak It Like You’re Learning A Video Game

Marianna Pascal shows how the secret to speaking a new language with confidence is all about attitude, not ability.Marianna Pascal helps professionals achieve greater success in...

Why Working Out Isn’t Working Out

For all its health benefits if exercise came in pill form, we would only be too eager to take our medicine. But is working-out as medicine too difficult a pill for...

Challenging Our Lazy Brain

Ronald Paredes, is a latin-american artist, graphic designer and podcaster from Caracas, Venezuela. Born and raised in a family of painters and designers, he has always been in contact with the graphic...

Smell, Your Least Appreciated Sense

Your emotions are directly tied to the smells you experience.Join Rachel as she takes you on a tour of how smell affects the lives of everyone,...

Don’t Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last

In this fast-paced world filled with high expectations and a wealth of distractions, is it really practical or realistic to “live each day as though it’s your last?” This talk will explore...

Career Change: The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Now

Having successfully navigated the challenges of finding employment in seven countries over the span of 15 years, Laura guides you through her journey and provides tips on how to find success...wherever you...

Online Love And Infidelity. We’re In The Game, What Are The Rules?

Have you found love, sex, or intimacy online? Millions of us have—and we are constantly building and maintaining connections with friends, relationship partners, and lovers through the intricate paths of the...

Refusing To Settle: The Quarter-Life Crisis

What is a quarter-life crisis, and how do you break through it?In this engaging and funny talk, the author of an Amazon bestseller on finding meaningful...

Memory Fit – How I Learnt To Exercise My Memory

Our modern lives hinge on learning from a young age, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we first learnt how to learn and remember?Anastasia...

The Surprising Truth In How To Be A Great Leader

The surprising truth in how to be a great leader: Professor of Leadership, Director International Centre for Leadership Coaching.TEDx

Solving The Global Water Crisis In 7 Minutes

Forbes 30under30 Entrepreneur, Hamza Farrukh, and his team at Bondh E Shams (The Solar Water Project) have developed a cost-effective and transportable solution for the global water crisis.

10 Things I Learnt After Losing A Lot Of Money

She used to be exceptionally successful in her job and earn a lot of money. And she spent even more, until she was broke, unable even to bake her little daughter...

The 5 People You Need To Be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy, but we often don't know how to actually achieve it. Having a supportive network helps but here are the 5 specific people that we all need in our lives...

Mindset Is More Important Than Strategy

The Most Important Step to Accomplish Your Goals.Preston believes that Mindset is more important than Strategy.After spending years as a struggling musician, everything changed when he shifted his mindset. He quickly became the top...

How To Deal With Difficult People

From co-workers and colleagues to friends and family, we are faced with challenging relationships daily. Unfortunately, we often go about managing them the wrong way. Only by elevating our understanding of behavior and acting...

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