Bill On Land Expropriation To Be Open For Public Comment Soon

South African parliament.

The pressure is on in Parliament on Tuesday as the special committee considering land expropriation debates a possible constitutional amendment.

The ad hoc committee is tasked with coming up with a way to change Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

The contentious topic is a selling point for political parties in this year’s election.

It’s been four months since the National Assembly instructed the ad hoc committee to come with an acceptable amendment bill to make the nature and mechanisms around expropriation without compensation more explicit.

But MPs are still locked in discussions on what process will be followed.

Charmaine van der Merwe from Parliament’s legal services team told the committee there were different views on the matter, which would have to be taken into account when drafting the final bill.

“It’s very important that all these views are aired and will be considered when drafting this bill.”

She believes the bill should be ready by December and that public comment can happen after that.

“There will be a period of three weeks for members of the public to comment. Please keep in mind this bill will be available from mid-December.”