Bloodhound Supersonic Car To Make Debut In Northern Cape

Bloodhound supersonic car
A view of the Bloodhound supersonic car. Picture:EWN

The Bloodhound supersonic car will make its high-velocity debut in the Northern Cape later this year.

Engineers are attempting to achieve a minimum speed of 800 kilometres per hour with the spacecraft-like vehicle.

In October, a series of test runs will be rolled out at Hakskeen Pan, the world’s largest unworked saltpan, outside Upington in the Kalahari Desert.

The Bloodhound Land Speed Record team clocked the vehicle at 320 kilometres per hour during trials at the UK’s Cornwall Airport Newquay in 2017.

Project CEO Ian Warhurst says globally the Northern Cape provides the most ideal setting for this type of testing.

“This is a unique area in the world where the natural desert floor is virtually flat across the entire distance and that’s what you need when you’re going very fast in a straight line.”

Warhurst points out engineers will also be able to derive other data from these test runs, which includes eventually stopping the vehicle.