Bomb Found at Kruger National Park Detonated Safely

FILE: The Kruger National Park. Picture: Laura Clancy/Primedia Broadcasting.

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK: Rangers patrolling in a remote area of the Kruger National Park have found a pipe bomb suspected to be a new addition to poachers’ arsenal on Friday.

SA National Parks spokesperson Isaac Phaahla said the discovery was made when the rangers spotted the tracks of two people off the beaten track in the southwestern region of the 2 million hectare park.

“They followed up on that spoor which led them to a tunnel which means that that was the escape channel tunnel for these two individuals,” said Phaahla.

“But when they tried to get in there the dog reacted to the device which was connected to a battery.”

The rangers moved back and called for back up from the police’s bomb squad.

The bomb squad detonated the device safely.

The park has tightened its security significantly to crack down on poaching.

Phaahla said the device found in the water drainage tunnel was suspected to be part of a new tactic by poachers.

To visitors concerned about their safety, he said the discovery was made deep inside the park, and not next to a tourist route.