Boost For Safety And Security In The Valley

Boost For Safety And Security

Residents of the Deep South Valley can look forward to a welcome security boost as from the start of September.

An announcement was made this week, confirming the amalgamation of YMA Security with Fidelity ADT, the province’s largest armed response operation. This move now brings an increased number of armed response vehicles in the area protecting the valley.

“We are proud to announce the conclusion of the agreement to amalgamate the two companies, effective from 1 September 2018. This partnership will integrate YMA Security customers into the Fidelity Security Group, a leading integrated security solutions provider in Southern Africa under the Fidelity ADT umbrella,” says Mr Jade Hanning, Cape Town South District Manager at Fidelity ADT.

This partnership, he explains, provides an exciting opportunity to bring a wealth of diversified experience and security knowledge to these new customers and to deliver a far more integrated and robust security offering. Additional support is now also at the disposal of YMA clients, such as the Fidelity Specialized Services Unit which provides intelligence and tactical interventions with access to dog units, armoured vehicles and aerial support.

Hanning also assured all YMA customers that service will continue as normal during the transition.

“It is our intention to make use of as many YMA Security personnel as possible in the amalgamation, with the community hub being manned by YMA staff and all armed response officers deployed in the same areas as they are currently operating in. The YMA control room number 021 785 8888 will still be operational for emergencies.

“We are pleased that YMA’s current technical manager Damon Garty will remain an integral part of the team. Damon will be sharing office space with our community hub and will continue to provide services, such as technical support and alarm upgrades to existing YMA Security customers. We believe that retaining the localised expertise will go a long way to ensure that we continue to deliver a professional and superior service,” says Hanning.

The current YMA office will be developed into a community security hub, providing a localised service to the community. The hub will have dedicated controllers who will monitor CCTV, LPR systems, Neighbourhood Watch radios and related social media groups, as well as being in constant contact with operational resources in the area.

The public can expect to see the gradual replacement of the YMA Security corporate identity with the Fidelity ADT name and branding in coming days. This includes changes to Armed Response officers’ uniforms, the branding on vehicles, the signboards at homes or business premises, as well as on customer communication.

“Where most security companies only respond to crime that has already taken place, Fidelity ADT works to pro-actively mitigate crime in the communities in which it operates,” Hanning says. His comments come in the wake of media reports of an apparent spike in crime in the Fish Hoek area, with police calling on the public to be vigilant.

YMA Security customers will now also have access to Fidelity ADT’s safe entry service, its 24 hour free medical assistance service, as well as its innovative mobile app Fidelity ADT FindU which connects customers to armed response and medical assistance when they are out and about.

 “A key element of any area’s safety efforts is community support and cooperation. The Deep South valley will be safer if we all practice care and vigilance. If you see anything suspicious in your street, please make contact with us or with your local SAPS so that we can respond immediately,” says Hanning.