Boris Johnson Says Not To Resign If Government Rejects Queen’s Speech

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A spokesperson for the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would not resign even if parliament rejected his Queen’s Speech.

On Monday, Queen Elizabeth II laid out the government’s legislative agenda for the next year, but the government doesn’t have a majority, leading some to speculate it might be voted down just as there’s renewed optimism a Brexit deal may be close.

British Members of Parliament will spend the Tuesday debating the contents of the Queen’s Speech.

The text – written by the government and read to parliament by the Queen – outlined 26 pieces of legislation ministers are hoping to push through in the months ahead.

There are proposals to protect the environment and toughen up on criminals, but Brexit was the focus.

While negotiators continue to try to secure a deal in Brussels, MPs discuss the Speech in London with some vowing to vote against it in an attempt to humiliate the prime minister.

He, though, is set to refuse to resign if that happens.