Botswana Reconsidering Ban On Elephant Hunting

Elephant going through the water in Botswana.
Image: Africa Geographic.

Botswana is reconsidering its ban on elephant hunting. This comes days after reports, denied by Gaborone authorities, that 90 elephants have been poached for their tusks in the largest African sanctuary for the endangered giants.

Prime Minister Mokgweetsi Masisi has the launched the debate on the desirability of maintaining the ban on elephant hunting introduced by his conservationist predecessor, Ian Khama.

With a national herd of 135,000 elephants that’s more than a third of these fast depleting animals on the African continent, it is argued that their impact on the environment is unmanageably hard, putting them on a collision course with humans.

Masisi will meet with researchers in the coming weeks and will then address a forum on the issue.