Cabinet has called for the maximum sentence to be imposed on perpetrators of gender-based violence.

It released a statement on Friday following its fortnightly meeting on Wednesday.

Cabinet stated it joined the nation in mourning the killing, rape and abuse of women by men that continue to plague the country.

The post-Cabinet briefing was supposed to take place on Thursday, but it had to be called off due to unrest in Cape Town which saw President Cyril Ramaphosa having to address students outside Parliament.

In a statement issued today, cabinet repeats calls made by President Ramaphosa in his televised address to the nation on Thursday night.

In it, he called for the tightening of legislation to address gender-based violence.

Cabinet stated the horrific attacks on women reflected South Africa’s collective failure to respond to the cries of the most vulnerable in society.

It said at its core was the manifestation of profound lack of adequate response to continued daily violation of babies, children and women.

Ministers have also called for the national register of sexual offences to be placed before Parliament to consider amending the Sexual Offences Act so that the register can be made public.

Cabinet said notwithstanding the fact that there is was 74% conviction rate for crimes related to gender-based violence and over 4,000 perpetrators have received life sentences, more still needs to be done.