Carletonville Creche Teacher Who Was Filmed Beating Children Arrested

A caregiver at a Carletonville creche abuses a child.
A caregiver at a Carletonville creche abuses a child.

The Carletonville teacher who was captured on video assaulting children at a nursery school has been arrested.

The principal of the school says after learning of the abuse over a week ago, she reported the woman to Child Protection Services.

The teacher was arrested last week Friday.

The crèche says the video was taken a year ago – and yet only went viral on social media on Thursday.

Parents are coming in and fetching their children from Ninnies Neuron’s Nursery School after several videos surfaced on social media depicting one of the teachers assaulting children and babies.

The nursery school says it only learned about these incidents just over a week ago.

The lawyer says the person who took the video has also been reported.

He claims that she used the video to blackmail the principal into giving her money.