Check Your Area’s Load Shedding Schedule

Eskom confirms load shedding for Thursday

In 2016, South Africans were promised by then-President Jacob Zuma that the dreaded load shedding is a thing of the past, but it seems that was but a pipe dream and we’re going to have to live with the reality of blackouts for a while.

The best way to prepare for load shedding is to see it coming so that you’re not caught in the dark.

Here’s how you can check your local load shedding schedule:


Eyewitness News has created an interactive map for City of Cape Town residents. Just enter your street address or turn on your location and go.


If your municipality is an Eskom customer, you can look your schedule up on the Eskom website by typing in your area’s name.

If your municipality doesn’t use Eskom, you can still look up your area’s schedule on the Eskom website, on your municipality’s website or by giving them a call.