China Ready To Work With SA To Boost Development

FILE: Chinese ambassador Lin Songtian on Sunday 4 February 2018. Picture: Screengrab

PRETORIA – China’s ambassador to Pretoria said Bejing was ready to join hands with South Africa to boost the development of the country and the continent.

Lin Songtian said he was encouraging Chinese companies to invest and manufacture in South Africa.

China’s chief envoy to South Africa has a ringing endorsement for President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Songtian said South Africa had three unique strengths: its natural and human resources; its unique geographic location – making it a gateway to Africa; and its development-ripe infrastructure.

Drawing on its development success over four decades, China was ready to join hands and share experience in the win-win development cooperation.

Lin said South Africa and China could learn from each other in implementing national development programmes.


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