Comair Fairly Confident Numsa Strike Won’t Affect Operations

Comair operates British Airways and Kulula.
Comair operates British Airways and Kulula.

Comair, which operates British Airways and Kulula, says that it is continuing talks with Numsa in a last effort to avoid the union’s planned strike on Thursday.

The airline said that it will also be appearing before the Labour Court at 10am to try to get an interdict to halt the strike.

Numsa served Comair with a notice of its intention to strike after failing to reach an agreement over a salary dispute.

Comair’s executive director Wrenelle Stander said that passengers have nothing to worry about.

“The number of staff that could potentially strike is about 300 and Comair has a staff contingent of 2,200 people. SO we’re fairly confident that we will have continuous operations.”