Concourt: Child Victims Of Crimes Must Be Protected Beyond 18 Years

Centre For Child Law
Miché Solomon, the young woman who was snatched shortly after her birth in 1997 and raised as her kidnapper's own child. She was formerly known as Zephany Nurse. Picture: Bertram Malgas/EWN

The Centre For Child Law on Wednesday won its challenge to have the identities of child victims of crime protected even beyond the age of 18 years.

The Constitutional Court ruled that a section of the Criminal Procedure Act was unconstitutional and should be amended. The apex court also ruled that Parliament should remedy the law within 24 months.

The case emanated from that of Zephany Nurse, who discovered at 17 years and nine months that she was kidnapped as a baby. She turned to the Centre for Child Law for help after fearing that the media would reveal her identity when she turned 18.

Director of Media Monitoring Africa William Bird commented on the judgment: “If you’re a victim or a witness in a criminal trial and you turn 18 after that, the media still can’t name you. This is unless that person gives permission or the media approaches a court to get permission showing public interest.”


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