Congress Of SA Students To Shut Down CT School Over ‘Racist’ Hair Policy

Congress of SA Students

CAPE TOWN – The Congress of South African Students (Cosas) has vowed to shut down Malibu High School on Wednesday over the institution’s hair policy.

Last week, black and coloured pupils at the Blue Downs school claimed they were told they must plait their hair and were not allowed to wear afros.

Some senior girls refused to comply and were now facing disciplinary action.

According to learners at Malibu High School, they were instructed to redo their hair because it was “untidy”.

Some said the principal also told pupils they looked like trees. Pupils also received suspension letters because they failed to adhere to the school’s code of conduct regarding hairstyles.

Cosas’ Michael Mayalo said they would take action because the principal was not taking the matter seriously.

“We are going to shut down the school to make sure we end this racism.”

The department’s Bronagh Hammond said each school had its own hair policy that fell under the uniform policy and was only guided by the department.

“The Malibu case states hair should be neat and tidy. However, this is subjective. Therefore, there should be clear guidelines on what neat and tidy entails.”