Court Hears Of Rob, Gill Packham’s Effort To Save Marriage Before Her Murder

FILE: Robin and Gill Packham. Picture:

CAPE TOWN – It’s day two of the trial against alleged wife killer Rob Packham and the State is expected to call its third witness.

On Monday, the Western Cape High Court heard evidence from two witnesses of the day Gill Packham disappeared last February.

Her body was eventually found in her burnt-out car and her husband was charged with murder and defeating the ends of justice.

Rob and Gill Packham attended a marriage counselling session the day before she went missing. That’s what their daughter has told the court.

Nicola Packham says that at the last therapy session, the discussion was about her father’s mistress.

She said her father had admitted that he had feelings for his mistress. The woman says this upset her mother.

Packham testified that her mother learnt about the infidelity in October 2017, after which they sought professional help.

The witness said that during this time, they seemed to be in a better space and were both seemingly committed to working on their marriage.

She said her parents also considered renewing their vows.