Couscous – Traditional Pasta Variety From Africa

Couscous, a pasta variety from Africa.

Original article published at TasteAtlas.

Couscous is a staple food of numerous North African diets, consisting of semolina that is rolled in flour until well coated. The wheat is steamed and dried, and has a light, fluffy texture, with a somewhat neutral, bland flavor, but couscous is known to soak up the flavors of other ingredients extremely well.

It is most popular in Maghreb, an area in North Africa that includes countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya. Although the term couscous can refer to the ingredient, it is also used to refer to a variety of couscous dishes.
Couscous can be served either as a side dish or as the main dish, when it’s often combined with fruits, vegetables, or meat, but it is also commonly used in the preparation of various salads and soups.