Demonstrators have taken to the streets to highlight the global climate crisis.

Several protests will be held across the country on Friday as part of the Global Climate Strike.

In Cape Town, protesters have embarked on a protest to Parliament, demanding urgent action.

The African Climate Alliance’s Ruby Sampson said, “There are hundreds of kids here, maybe even a couple of thousands, who are marching to say that we have had enough with the governments lack of a response to the climate crisis. We cannot allow more people to die. “

Sampson said that people were going without water and food due to drought, which is a result of the climate crisis.

She said they want government to respond to a memorandum of demands.

“South Africa and President Cyril Ramaphosa have to declare that we are in a climate emergency and put it publicly that the climate crisis is affecting the future of my generation.”

She said the electricity sector must turn to 100% renewable energy by 2030.