D6 Community Hails CoCT Backing For Keizersgracht Street Name Change

Keizersgracht Street in Cape Town
A screenshot of Keizersgracht Street in Cape Town. Picture: Google Maps

CAPE TOWN – A road in Cape Town well known as a gathering spot for protest marches in the CBD won’t be called Keizersgracht Street for much longer.

Changing the name back to Hanover Street has been approved by the City of Cape Town. The name change was requested by the District Six Working Committee last June.

The committee’s Shahied Ajam has welcomed the City of Cape Town’s support of the proposal to change the name of Keizersgracht Street.

That’s the name it bore before apartheid-era police bulldozed District Six and shunted its residents out of town.

“The people of District Six were handed a huge Heritage Day present,” Ajam said.

The name change was a small step for thousands who still remembered District Six in its heyday, but one that Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato hoped would restore some dignity.

It’s not yet clear when the formal renaming ceremony will be held.