DA Amends Controversial Billboard

The amended controversialDA billboard now additionally reads 'ANC doesn't care about South Africans'.
The amended controversial DA billboard now additionally reads 'ANC doesn't care about South Africans'.

A resistant Democratic Alliance (DA) has on Tuesday added amendments to its contentious billboard which it unveiled in the Johannesburg inner city last week.

The display which is headlined “The ANC is killing us” drew widespread criticism after the DA unveiled it last week as part of its election campaign.

The party drew backlash for listing the names of the victims of the Life Esidimeni tragedy, the Marikana massacre and the name of Micheal Komape, who died after falling into a pit latrine.

A defiant DA has stood its ground and today placed an amendment on the board that reads “ANC doesn’t care about South Africans”.

The damage made to the billboard is still visible from when opposition supporters attempted to tear the billboard down.

The party’s Mabine Seabe: “Today the DA Gauteng premier candidate Solly Msimanga, as well as the provincial leader John Moody, came out today to show that we are in fact going forward with our message of accountability and justice.

In spite of the retaliation, he says the party is sticking to its message.

“He does not care about the people of South Africa because that is the reality that we face. We have a government that refuses to compensate families who lost family members during Life Esidimeni, during Marikana, during the pit latrine incidents.”