DA’s Winde: I Don’t Want WC To Be Run By An ANC-EFF Coalition

Democratic Alliance (DA)
DA Western Cape Premier candidate Alan Winde. Picture: @Our_DA/Twitter

CAPE TOWN – The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it will try to stop an African National Congress (ANC)-Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) coalition government in the Western Cape at any cost.

Political analysts, however, warned the DA of sidelining smaller parties that they might need in the future.

The DA circulated messages claiming that a vote for a smaller party splits the vote and will hand the Western Cape to an ANC-EFF coalition.

DA Western Cape premier candidate Alan Winde says that he is fighting to keep the party in power.

Winde says the DA is pumping all resources into its campaign to keep the ANC and EFF out of the Western Cape.

“I don’t the province to be run by an ANC-EFF coalition. I want every single vote possible to come to the DA.”

However, political analyst Solly Moeng says the DA’s comments could cause friction with smaller parties.

“They [DA] do have to think about how they would respond if the small parties they have quarreled with from time to time, ask them why they are saying people mustn’t vote for us. They must have an answer to that.”

Moeng says smaller parties could in the future sideline the DA if needed.


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