Denel Employees Didn’t Receive Full Salaries: Solidarity

Solidarity threatens to take legal action if SOEs don't take action against corrupt executives.

Trade union Solidarity said on Wednesday its members at Denel did not receive their full salaries for June and July.

The union served urgent court documents to force the arms company to pay the unemployment insurance levy and taxes deducted from employees’ salaries.

The move followed an announcement by Denel that it could only pay a certain portion of its employees’ salaries for June and July.

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan intervened and announced a lender would help pay June salaries.

Last week, Solidarity announced its employees would be paid their full salaries in July.

But Solidarity’s Anton van der Bijl said their members still didn’t have their full salaries.

“For June and July, they’ve only been paid 85% of their salaries. So, deductions made for their tax, UIF have not been paid,” he said.