Dept To Provide Counselling To NW Learners Following Fatal School Stabbing

Picture: Pexels

JOHANNESBURG – The Basic Education Department says that counselling will be provided at a North West school where a grade one pupil was murdered.

The little boy was attacked on Wednesday allegedly by a grade 11 pupil from another school in the area.

Officials say it appears the attack stemmed from a fallout between the victim’s sister and the older boy.

The pair were in a relationship.

Basic Education spokesperson Troy Martens says: “It’s a very traumatic experience especially considering it’s a primary school. I’m sure it must be very traumatising for all the learners and counselling will be provided to those learners and teachers and the community.”

This is the latest in a string of violent incidents in South African schools, with concerns that this is symptomatic of a bigger problem in the country.

Dr Simon Howell is a senior researcher at the Centre of Criminology at the University of Cape Town says: “I think they’re acting out rather than committing murder, so to speak, with the intention behind it.

“But either way, it’s very disturbing and the question is how do you prevent that in the future.”

Source: EWN