Derek Hanekom’s Defamation Case Against Jacob Zuma To Be Heard Next Week

Derek Hanekom.
Derek Hanekom.

The defamation case brought by African National Congress (ANC) MP Derek Hanekom against former President Jacob Zuma is expected to be heard next week in the High Court in Durban.

Hanekom, who’s also a member of the ANC’s national executive committee, is suing Zuma for R500,000.

Shortly after it was revealed that he had met with opposition parties to discuss a motion to remove Zuma last year, the former president tweeted that he wasn’t surprised, saying that Hanekom was a known enemy agent.

Hanekom now wants Zuma to compensate him. His is arguing that the accusations had caused immense harm and damage to his reputation. He also wanted an apology.

The matter was set down for 21 August.