The Department of International Relations and Cooperation says it’s helping the families of two missing South African teachers in Vietnam.

Twenty-eight-year-old Mushfiq Daniels, from Cape Town, was last seen earlier this month in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the same time, the family of 23-year-old John Bothma from Kempton Park is still waiting for news since his disappearance in the same city, in May.

Dirco spokesperson Nelson Kgwete says the department has been keeping in touch with the embassy in Hanoi in both the cases of Daniels and Bothma.

Kgwete says Daniels’ family has flown down to the region to help in the search for him.

Bothma’s mother, Coleen, is hoping to do the same.

She has been trying to raise funds to go to Vietnam, to get answers from authorities.

“It’s been almost two months now and there’s been no news. Every time I ask Interpol or the embassy, they say I must just be patient, but it’s already been two months.

“For two months, I can’t help him, I’ve been praying and hoping. I’ve fetched my passport; I just want enough funds to go through to Vietnam to look for answers.”

Bothma says her son was having a good experience in Vietnam since he went over in November, and regularly sent her pictures and updates about his life.

Kgwete says the department and the embassy in Hanoi is also working on tracking down Bothma while keeping his family updated.

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