Disaster Teams On High Alert As Cold Front Set To Hit South Africa

cold front set to hit SA

Disaster relief groups are preparing to help South Africans in need as temperatures continue to plummet.

In some parts of the country, including in Soweto and Vereeniging, residents have woken up to freezing temperatures, with the mercury dipping to minus one, and only expected to reach maximums of around 13 degrees Celsius.

The bitter conditions are caused by a cold front currently passing through the country.

Gift of the Givers said it has teams preparing hot meals, blankets and essentials for those in need.

The organisation’s Roslyn Toontas has called on good samaritans to step up and help.

“Kitchen staff at out Bramley district centre will be preparing chicken soup and we’ll be pulling out blankets and things to send out to the community of Soweto and outlying areas. We’re nice and warm in our comfortable houses but we must remember that people don’t have access to heaters to keep themselves warm.”

In Cape Town, more rain and low temperatures are expected as yet another cold front it set to hit the Western Cape.

City of Cape Town officials say the cold snap is set to move over the south-western Cape on Tuesday afternoon.

The South African Weather Service alerted the city’s Disaster Risk Management Centre of strong to gale force winds expected along the coast today.

The city’s Charlotte Powell: “South-westerly swell also increasing to 5.5m along the same stretch of coastline. Vessels will have difficulty navigating, risk of capsizing, beachfront activities such as swimming and angling are not advised.”

Forecaster Puseleso Mofokeng: “After today we’ll have another cold front again but that cold front will be limited to the southwest coast, including the south coast, otherwise over the country we’re going to see an improvement around Thursday and Friday.”