Durban Man Accused Of Hanging His 4 Children Receives Additional Rape Charge

Limpopo man suspected of raping a child is due in court

A charge of rape has officially been added in the case of the Durban man accused of murdering his four children including his 16-year-old stepdaughter.

The man appeared in the Pinetown Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning and the matter was postponed to November.

The investigation into his case is continuing.

The National Prosecuting Authority’s Natasha Kara said: “The previous remand was the for the accused to acquire legal representation. The matter was today adjourned for 7 November.”

The court was packed inside and outside with members and leaders of various political parties during the man’s appearance.

The African National Congress Women’s League Weziwe Thusi said: “We are here to say that together, as all the women, we are talking together with the women of other political parties and that we need to come together and fight.”

Shahana Kajee from the Democratic Alliance Women’s Network said the postponement was justice delayed: “It’s just not right and it’s not the first time that we find that the police have not completed their investigation.”

The man allegedly killed the children following an argument with his wife.