Enigmatic Afrofuturistic Artist ZYO Releases New Single “Brighter Day” Featuring Thandeka Mfinyongo

Following on from his debut single “We Are One (feat. Mpumi Sizani)”
which captivated audiences and garnered hundreds of thousands of
streams worldwide, South Africa’s ZYO has released his brand new
single “Brighter Day”. In keeping with his ‘fusion of cultures’ ethos,
the song features vocals by traditional African music artist, Thandeka
Mfinyongo. The combination of her soulful African vocals and Xhosa
lyrics mixed with ZYO’s electronic beats truly gives the song a unique
sound. It’s fresh, captivating and inspiring. It’s available to stream
+ buy now on all major music platforms.

Collaborating with Thandeka – written in the stars

Thandeka is a bold and powerful artist who feels a deep desire to make
her mark in the world. She is inspired by older generations of black
musicians. Collaborating with Thandeka was the perfect manifestation
of ZYO’s intention for his music, seamlessly aligning with his desire
to inspire unity, positivity and connectedness. Thandeka comments
about working with ZYO: “The song is fresh and captivating. The two
worlds colliding is certainly something ‘out of this world’, which is
so visible in ZYO’s current look. He brought his electronic production
while I brought my African music background and vocals. It was such a
beautiful, yet challenging process. I honestly loved the way I sort of
had to conform to the new style of music without losing myself, if
that makes sense. Working with ZYO was amazing; he gave me a chance to
be creative and bring my authentic self to his music. I’d definitely
do it again”.

ZYO – more than a name

Little is known about ZYO. Shrouded in swathes of intensely coloured
shweshwe fabric and donning a futuristic helmet, his eyes are
concealed behind a visor. There are flashes of skin, but the palette
of his hands and other features is indeterminate. With an
ever-evolving look, ZYO’s current custom-made outfit is a perfect
visualisation of the music he is releasing currently; sounds that are
unique and almost futuristic, but at the same time also contemporary.

This is how he wants it to be – an enigmatic music man – appreciated
for his fusion of electronic beats and African rhythms. The specifics
of biography pale in relation to the journey of his “fusion of
cultures” that he is embarking on. ZYO is about innovation,
shape-shifting, and collaboration. The element of mystique is also
something that draws people to ZYO’s beats, embracing the journey of
discovery through the colourful and universal language of music. ZYO
strives to present Africa in a futuristic way – hence the moniker
comes from the Zulu word “esizayo”, which is translated as “future” in

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