Eskom Burned R100M Of Diesel A Day To Keep Lights On This Week

Image EWN

Eskom has been using diesel worth about an R100 million a day to keep the lights on this week.

The power utility was forced to go that route when several generators went offline on Monday.

Now, Eskom says the chances of load shedding across the country this weekend are slim to none because of an improvement in generating performance and notable strides in replenishing diesel and water reserves.

Eskom’s acting head of generation Andrew Etzinger says that they’re in a far stronger position now compared to earlier this week as constant progress is being made with getting generators back online.

He says stocks have also been replenished after running out of diesel.

“We ran out of diesel simply because we’d been burning so much, about R100 million’s worth of diesel a day to keep the light on to the extent that we could. So, we replenished the diesel, which I’m hoping we don’t burn too much of today because we need to save money as well.”

Eskom says it’s unlikely to implement load shedding over the weekend, but the power utility warns while it’s making every effort to avoid power outages the system remains tight and vulnerable.

Residents and businesses are urged to use electricity sparingly to reduce demand.