Eskom Optimistic About Winter Plan


Eskom remains optimistic that it will be able to stick to its winter plan to prevent severe blackouts.

If demand outstrips supply capabilities this winter, there will be a maximum of 26 days of blackouts limited to stage one.

The power grid’s been stable for the past several days following a bout of stage four load shedding.

Eskom’s Andrew Etzinger says that although demand in winter evenings is higher, the utility can cope.

“We have got a lower demand during the day than in summer but when you come home we put on baths, we put on the ovens etc. So, we have got a short, sharp peak in the evening which even if we did go for load shedding, we’d not be messing up the economy. It would really be just an hour or two.”

Etzinger says that additional capacity will also be coming online ahead of winter.

“So the two very big generators that got massive technical problems last year which will be coming back into service; so, that’s very good. And then, from Medupi, we’ll be expecting better performance and Kusile should be online too.”


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