Eskom: Stage 4 Load Shedding To Continue For Several Days

Eskom warns that load shedding stage 4 will continue for the next few days

Eskom says stage 4 load shedding is expected to continue for the next several days.

Rolling blackouts intensified over the weekend due to diesel shortages and power supply from Mozambique’s Cahorra Bassa project being cut in a devastating tropical cyclone.

Eskom’s Andrew Etzinger said on Monday it could take up to a week to address the myriad problems plaguing the power system.

Etzinger says a fresh shipment of diesel is expected to arrive in the coming days.

“We’ll be offloading diesel from Thursday which will ultimately help both at Ankerlig as well as Gourikwa to get up and running and that’s certainly going to make a big difference. If we get that right, plus we get the power restored from Cahorra Bassa in Mozambique, the situation will return to – shall I say – normal but still very tight.”