EU Leaders Consider Boris Johnson’s Proposals In Bid To End Brexit Impasse

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

European Union (EU) leaders are considering proposals put forward by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resolve the Brexit impasse.

On Wednesday, Johnson told them “it’s a take it or leave it” deal they faced and said if the EU was flexible, as the UK had been, a deal could be reached.

The seven-page document focused mainly on the future of the border between Northern Ireland, part of the UK and Ireland, part of the EU.

The proposals were complex and the EU’s negotiator described them as being progressive, but with problems remaining. The Irish premier said they didn’t fully meet his criteria for a deal.

The plans were discussed in Europe before a crucial EU Brexit summit in a fortnight’s time. While in the UK, the prime minister wanted to suspend Parliament from Tuesday for six days to outline his plans to tackle domestic issues.