Farlam: Inquiry Can’t Be Blamed For Lack Of Prosecutions Over Marikana Tragedy

Marikana massacre
Judge Ian Farlam shared his experience as chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry into the Marikana massacre. Picture: Twitter/ @issafrica

JOHANNESBURG – Retired Judge Ian Farlam, who headed the inquiry into the Marikana massacre, believes that not much has changed and important recommendations in his report have not yet been implemented by government.

The inquiry investigated, among other matters, the training of officers and the avoidance of the use of force.

But despite the completion of its work in 2018, the police ministry has still not made the findings public.

To date, only eight officers have been charged in connection with the shootings.

Farlam spoke on the Bongani Bingwa Show on Friday.

He said that assertions that politicians were exonerated were not true.

“I don’t think we can be blamed for their being no prosecution. As far as the politicians are concerned, it was said at the time that we’d exonerated everyone including the minister of police. That wasn’t true. We found that the evidence was very inconclusive, we couldn’t make a definite finding against the minister of police. On the other hand, we couldn’t make a definite finding in favour either. We left that open.”